Sara is a self-taught baker and cake designer that established Rosie's in 2013 with a vision to design and create stylish cakes that was allergy free where the taste was just as important as design. Sara is a former clothing designer and interior stylist who found a passion for creating custom cakes in 2013.

Sara has a feminin and rustic approach to cake design, combined with an eye for detail and always keeps up to date with new trends.

Her allergy knowlage are extremely good and she care to make high class products that is naturally free from allergene ingredients.

Rosie's is a luxe designer cake studio located at Kakelvägen 10 in the West of Lund.

In the studio Sara produce elegant and detailed pastries such as macarons, mini and large cupcakes, meringues, layered celebration cakes, wedding cakes and other goodies.

Even if Sara has her own style, shes incredible good at creating bespoke large orders to suit all kind of events and match colours and themes.

Sara's cakes are famous for it's exquisite tast, rustic design and are luxuriously decorated with fresh flowers and tailored to the customer's wishes.

The products are handmade from scratch on well choosen ingridients and there is a large range of gluten, dairy free and vegan cakes.

Sara has received awards and nominations for both tast, excellent service and allergy free products.

She has developed the recipes from the ground to suit everyone. Her cakes are naturally gluten free without compromizing on the quality.

The choice has been to find a way to produce a product that does not have the grains containing gluten and not replacing with strange mixtures instead to work with clean base products such as rice, potato e.g

This creates a totally new level of gluten free that is not dry and crumbly.

Even the milkbased ingredients in a cake have become better healthier choice that naturally adds different flavors to the cakes, she also avoids soy and a lot of nuts to be able to see a greater need in todays allergenic society. With this, it becomes naturally pure products, without additives.

The cake was beyond amazing!

Piece of art that was absolutely delicious!

Thanks Sara for creating magic, we'll be back for more!



I could not wish for a more beautiful wedding cake! It was so much more than I could ever imagine. It tasted amazing and everyone was totally blown away.



Thank you for the fantastic cake Sara.

It was both pretty and delicious!

Thank you for making my girls party extra special!


Aravinda Gajjarapu