The cake size are based on guest count or desired size.

These cakes are tall in the shape with many layers.

This cake are decorated with your own choice of colour on the outside.There are choices of one solid colour, faded colours, stripes or butter cream that's added as stokes on to the base.

Then decoration such as chocolate balls, sails or shards are added and can be combined with other decorations such as drip, sprinkles ,gold, silver, colour splashes, macarons and candles.

On this you can also add a custom made acrylic cake topper or a Happy Birtday topper.


The Floral is a beautiful cake for parties, graduations, birthdays, and other celebrations. A sophisticated beautiful cake that can be custom made as a light beauty for maybe a engagement or to fit a sparkling colourful party queen!

Cake size are based on guest count or desired size.

These cakes are tall in the shape with many layers.

Any choice of colour, stripes, fades etc can be made.

The Floral Cake are decorated with fresh flowers chosen specially after design by Sara. Gold or silver splashes and paint on flowers can be added. Candles comes with the cake.

On this style there is the possibility to add drip, text/numbers or/and a custom made acrylic cake topper or cake charm.


Same base as the other two models. On this cake you can have any theme you like.

This is a popular cake for baby showers,gender reveals, baptism, kids birthdays.

Any colour of choice, stripes, fade or butter cream strokes can be made.

Gold, silver splashes and painting and candles are included.

This cake includes all cakes with very time consuming decoration such as sugarpaste figures, thems and designs everything from teddy bears and rainbows to Avengers and Star Wars or unicorns and coalas to bumblebees and lamas.

Text, number or personalised acrylic toppers and charms can also be added.


This cake style is not for the faint hearted. Be warned that this cakes takes your party to a whole different

level!! The Statement cake line are a tall cake with bold bright colours, cake charms by Zoi & Co (a text in acrylic that's added on the cake side) The cake is decorated with colour splashes, chocolate bark, sprinkles, gold/silver, candles and more!! This cake has everything and more when it comes to decoration and colours!

It's just a totaly crazy party bomb on the table!

This cake is not available in small sizes because of the decorations.