All cakes are made by hand and with the finest ingridients, decorated wid hand picked flowers and other cusom made decorations and details to fit the person who will have the cake. Prices vary from how much details, tiers and time consuming decorations you wish for.
My prices are based on that the cakes are hand crafted from start to end, and made only for you on your day. Never do I make the same cake twice, all cakes ar uniqe and a pice of art. The price are also based on my skills, designs and time.

I work with allergy free products and I do not charge extra for that. For me the inside is as important as the outside and I take great pride in making baked art that taste amazing and are free from all allergen and pre made products.


Cake can be stored in fridge 1-2 hours prior to display. This keeps flowers, decorations and cake fresh for longer, and may require removing a shelf.

Remove when desired so cake can thaw back down to room temperature for serving.

If storing overnight, lightly wrap open areas of cake box with cling wrap to avoid cross contamination and to maintain fresh decorations. 

If fridge is not available, the cake can be kept inside at room temperature for up to 6 hours. Be sure to keep out of direct sunlight and crank the air con (if possible!)

When it's time to serve the cake, remove all floral décor & constructive materials/products (candles, dowels or skewers.)

Most flowers are edible, but sometimes not all are. Inedible flowers are professionally taped around the stems to avoid contamination. 

For this reason, they are all best removed 

Look up the 'Katherine Sabbath Cake Cutting Method.’ This ensures correct size/number of serves. 


When you come to pick up your cake you need to be careful. Place the cake in the back/trunk of the car or on the floor at the front seat, do NOT place it on the seats where it’s leaning and not in the lap with someone holding it as this makes it go warm from the body heat.

If it hot days, bring a few ice coolers to place around the box in the car.

Drive carefully over speedbumps and turning corners to avoid the cake jerking, sliding on the board or ‘lipping’ to occur around the bottom buttercream edges. Crank up the AC!

Carry the cake with one hand underneath the center of the box and support the side of the box with the other hand.


All of Rosie's products are gluten free, wheat starch free, oat free, soy free, dairy free and free from all nuts except almonds.

I am happy to make cakes on request without almonds but do remeber that the cakes may contain traces of almonds.

If you like your cakes to be vegan (without eggs) please specify this when you make your order.

On the page with flavors you can see which flavors thats possible to get in a vegan opption.


Due to the Corona situation there are other terms and conditions than usual.

50% deposit is to be payed on wedding orders upon booking and the rest is payed a 1 month before booked date.

There is no refund of the amount that has been payed.

You have one free of charge switch of date if it's due to Covid-19. 

If you like to change date more than once there will be added a change of date fee on 1000:-.

Possible price changes may be added if you swiching dates from one year to another.

If you have payed for cake and you need to change the amount of servings you can use your payment for other baked goods such as macarons, cake popsicles and more and have it in a matching theme for the wedding and cake.

I'll make sure no money is lost and you get your cakes for any occation you wish.


The Studio is located at Kakelvägen 10 in the west of Lund.

Close to the Sparbanken Arena opposite Lidl grocery store a few 100 meters down the road.

When you book your cake you request a pickup time, the time slot is 30 min..

Please respect this booked time a come in time. Not earlier and not later. I may be finishing of your order within your slot time and you can sit down and wait for your order to be finished. If thats the case there is a coffee & tea bar. Have a tea, a capuccino or maybe sparkling water or an energy drink. You find it beside the seating area.

Once the day is fully booked I arrange the cakes after your requested time. This means that your cake won't be ready earlier. Also do not pass over your time slot as someone else have booked the slot after you, meaning it can be a pick up, a consultation or that I am finished for the day.

This is always important to respect even more so in Corona times as I make sure there is only one customer per slot to keep it safe.


A delivery cost is added if the cake is more than two tiers and must be delivered and assembled on site. 

Consultation and tasting for wedding cakes takes approximately 1 hour and costs 500 sek, these are not refunded in event of cancellation.

For wedding cakes, payment is made by 50% on booking and the rest amount is payed 1 month before delivery/collection.

For other cakes the full amount is paid on the time of booking.

Cancellation of wedding cakes must be made at least 8 weeks before booked date otherwise the entire amount will be charged. The booking amount of 50% is not payed back if order is cancelled after the date is booked.

Last day for changes of serving amount must bemade at least 6 weeks before booked date. Also remember that often the amount of servings is the base of the design we hade decided on at the consultation.

For other cakes there is no refund once the cake are booked and payed for.