Delicious treats for all occations such as mini cupcakes, large cupcakes, biscuits, cake popsicles, macarons and much more. 


The classic macaron, perfect to any occation and as a second option to the tall cakes and other desserts.

Can be made in endles amounts of colours to match the colours of your event or wedding.

These delicious treats comes in lots of different flavors, just pick your favorite,

These can also be added in small boxes with ribbons as gifts for your wedding guests.



Cute little chocolate gems for your dessert table or to match a cake.

Can be made in endless amounts of


Chocolate bark is thin flat chocolate broken in to pices, which can be made in all different colors. Sprinkes and other fun things can be added on the chocolate top.

These can be added in small boxes or wraped in small cellophane bags as gifts for your guests.


A large luxurious cake in different flavors. Perfect to personalise to give away, to eat as a treat on it's own or why not by a box of them that's birthday decorated.

These are also a popular choice for weddings or parties instead of a tall classic cake.


Sweet vanilla cookies with a fondant layer that can be personalised with name, number, words, colour etc.

This sweet treat can be made in shapes to match ypur theme for a birthday. The are also perfect for the wedding table personalised with your name, wedding date or your initials. Or as place cards on the dinner table. These can also be wraped in small cellophane bags as gifts for your guests.


A cute chocolate cake in the shape of an ice cream. Different shapes to choose on.

Can be made in many different colours and with decorations, a theme and with bows on the stick.

Comes in 3 different flavors: Dark Chocolate, Chocolate & Raspberries, Vanilla & Raspberries